You Have To Have A Gun Safe

This is not the place to argue the rights and wrongs of owning guns. Something that everyone can agree on though, is that guns have to be kept in a safe. And it’s not just weapons. Critical documents such as insurance and titles need to be protected as well. Here are some considerations if you’re looking to buy a new safe.

Cheap doesn’t mean good

If you’re looking for safes for home valuables which will provide protection from outside agencies, then a metal safe which can be pried open with a crowbar probably is not the answer.

A good rule of thumb is to buy what you can afford. You’re protecting weapons and valuables – give them the best protection you can.

Do you need fire protection?

safes for home valuables

Fire protection comes in various standards according to the length of time it can resist the flames. 90 minutes of 1200⁰F is the highest.

Locking mechanism

A good safe door will be at least 4 inches or thicker. There will be steel plates in place, but what else do you need? Glass panels for instance?

When you have made that decision, the next one is what locks.

·    Combination locks were the mainstay of the industry for the longest time. There are grades of resistance and the length of time the lock can withstand a professional thief.

·    Electronic Locks are quick and easy but provide good security. They are also attractive and individual codes can be associated with individual users. There is also a whole range of other deterrents which can be associated with an electronic lock – like a time lock feature which is certainly going to deter a thief.

Location, legal requirements and size

In addition to these purchase questions, you will also need to consider how big it will be and where you are going to put it. Also, be aware that some states have laws in place requiring gun owners to meet certain standards for safe storage. Gun owners need to be sure that any safe purchased meets those standards.